Stratis Blockchain Platform Expands its Operations

Stratis, a customizable blockchain platform and consultancy is expanding its team and marketing reach. The project was founded by Chris Trew, a consultant, architect and technologist with over 10 years’ experience in Enterprise IT. 

The project aims to provide turnkey blockchain solutions to businesses, making it easy to integrate the technology into their existing infrastructure. Stratis has a public blockchain, using the C# language for its nodes and aims to provide customizable private sidechains to the financial sector. 

New Team Members

Blockchain Developer: Dan Gershony

Recently, the Stratis project hired some new members for its team. Dan Gershony, joined Stratis as a blockchain developer to help accelerate the project’s growth on a technical level. Dan was a software integration engineer for Microsoft and has 10 years experience working on he MS stack mainly in C# .NET with Microsoft Certificates in WCF, Winforms and BizTalk.

His crypto experience entails launching CoinVault, a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to control their own private keys. He also developed Nako block explorer that indexes crypto transactions and dotblock, an open source C# library with blockchain protocol functionality. 

Dan will help the project by working on NStratis full node, sidechains and integrating them with Microsoft’s suite of enterprise solutions.

Director of Operations: Policarpo Guerrero

Policarpo Guerrero, is now the Stratis director of operations and has spent years as a corporate senior executive with extensive marketing experience. His prior work entailed helping Nokia reach the markets in Latin America and was the Systems and Procedures Manager and Operations Manager for the largest chain of Kodak Express stores in the former USSR (Rostik Group).

He’s been an active collaborator to the decentralized marketplace OpenBazaar. His role with Stratis will be to develop business and marketing strategies for the project, as well as policies for its operations. 

Service Partner Program Launch

Stratis is building strategic partnerships with other organizations to expand its reach. Our site Crypto Hustle has been sponsored by Stratis to increase awareness around the project. We’ve also teamed up with our marketing and business associates Chris Dunn and Dan Bainbridge for maximum impact. 

Chris Dunn is the CEO of Skill Incubator, a site that specializes in helping entrepreneurs, traders and investors grow skills and wealth. Chris and I have partnered up on running a cryptocurrency trading and mentorship program. Chris is also the founder of the Pathways to Wealth show. 

Dan Bainbridge created a bitcoin marketing network that includes several high traffic sites such as, and He also has several bitcoin game apps and the largest micro bitcoin advertising network in the world. 


Rocky is a cryptocurrency analyst, strategic consultant, educator, position trader and investor. He started his journey learning about Bitcoin in 2013, became obsessed with it and dropped everything to work full-time in the space since 2015.