Building Crypto Trading Algorithms Is About to Get Easier

Digital Asset Power Play is a new platform that’s going to revolutionize algorithmic crypto trading. The project will make it possible for crypto traders to build their own algorithms from the ground up, while backtesting them using historical and live market data. 

There will be multiple options available for building strategies with provision of all necessary technical parameters. Programmers will be able to code them from scratch or reuse existing libraries, or relying upon third party building blocks (i.e. Santiment, general news etc), while the non-technical can also build them using a drag and drop interface. Traders with effective strategies can publish results and attract a following to receive fees when others use their algorithm. This will create a robust global marketplace for individuals and fund managers to buy/sell trading algorithms. 

Crypto Arbitrage 

DA Power Play will be a more effective way of executing crypto arbitrage between various exchanges. Rather than opening up and managing several accounts, traders will be able access multiple exchanges directly through their platform. DA Power Play will have money on various exchanges and traders will be able to access these funds by sending tokens to a deposit address. The added benefit is that traders will also get to enjoy reduced trading fees due to the collective volume increase.  

Having an automated arbitrage process can increase price efficiency and liquidity in the markets. The project will run KIP’s eye system to track the price on 30 exchanges and  collect data from the order books. The system parses the information while calculating all the spreads minus the fees. They also run an AI module predicting prices within the next 15-30 minutes.

Running an algorithm to scan the markets 24/7 and execute trades without waiting for transactions to confirm on a blockchain will increase the arbitrage capacity of the ecosystem. 

DPP Token 

The platform will have a network access ERC20 tokens called “DPP tokens”. Holding a specific amount of tokens will allow users to access premium features such as faster investment notifications, reduced fees and free backtesting. DPP Tokens can also be invested into other Strategy Wallets. 

Anyone will be able to access the platform, regardless of whether or not they hold tokens. Traders selling their strategies, or developers and companies providing additional building blocks integrated with the platform will also be paid in DPP Tokens. All trading fees will be charged 0.12% in DPP and that amount will be reduced with higher trading volume, while exchange fees are expected to be minimized. 


DA Power Play is an evolution of the KIP’s Eye System developed by Krypto Investment Partners. Their trading strategies evolved into neural networks and artificial intelligence agents to predict probable outcomes of coin movements . After 2 years of successful algorithmic trading, the team wanted to extend their technology into a distributed system, creating a new ecosystem for crypto traders, developers and investors. 

DA Power Play will be the first distributed global marketplace for crypto trading algorithms. Similar to how Bitcoin disrupted international banking, this new platform seeks to empower individual traders by giving them easy access to automated strategies. 

To learn more about how to get involved in the project and join their trading community, visit their website and join their slack community. 


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. 


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