Demonsaw – The New Wave of Privacy

Demonsaw 3.0.1 is a tool that allows you to privately and securely share information. It has multiple levels of encryption, including what the founder Eijah calls social crypto. According to Eijah, social crypto includes more than digits and characters. It also include bits and pieces of other files such as pictures in the layers of protection.

The right to privacy is essential for most of us. I strongly believe that Demonsaw is the new way of sharing with total anonymity.


This application is free and always will be. It doesn’t require any login information or registration. An option is to enter a username when first launching Demonsaw. A public chat is available for the people present. You can also use it to send private (encrypted) messages.

Demonsaw allows you to share information without fear of surveillance. The reason being is that it’s not a P2P network, it’s a mesh based network that relies on routers to transmit and receive information and messages. Your IP is safe and nobody can see it. The encrypted traffic looks like normal web traffic, so nobody can tell that information is being shared.

Another option is to create your own private group by entering either a URL or a passphrase. You can then invite your friends and have your own private community. At the time of writing this article, it is expected that within a month, the CLI (Command line interface) will be available in order to create your very own router, like for example in a subdomain. 

Other features in future versions will include encrypted VOIP and perhaps live streaming. The possibilities are endless. 

Source Code Release 

Some of the source code relating to the encryption has already been shared by Eijah. Demonsaw will be, according to the founder, open-sourced as soon as Clear Skies is released.

Clear Skies is a new enterprise cloud encryption platform that will be offered by MGT Capital Investments, with the legendary cyber security expert John McAfee as CEO. McAfee recruited Eijah during a DEF CON event. He saw the great potential in Demonsaw and Eijah is now the CTO for MGT.


After downloading and extracting the application, the first screen that appears after you run it is the following:


In most cases, you create a new client. You then click on “Next” and the second window that appears is the following:


Here, you can enter a username instead of “[client]”. You can also choose your favourite colour. When finished, just click on “Done”, and the application will open.


You can now enjoy the privacy of encrypted communication. 

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