How to Be Financially Independent with Crypto

There are many great opportunities to make a living with cryptocurrencies. The industry is growing at a rapid pace, just like the internet of the mid 90’s. Many entrepreneurs who had the determination to build online businesses during that time made fortunes. 

The financial barrier to entry for getting started in crypto is lower than most other industries. Bitcoin empowers individuals by giving them full control of their money. That said, with freedom comes responsibility and it’s up to you to keep your private keys secure.

Crypto is a meritocracy because understanding how to use it properly takes time and effort. Due diligence is required because if you lose your money there is nobody who can get it back for you. Those who have the perseverance to work hard at it can find plenty of opportunities to make decent returns. 

4 Benefits of Using Cryptocurrencies 

  • They can give you high returns on your investments. There are many instances of coins increasing +1000%.  
  • They give you full control over your money, just as long as you keep your private keys secure. 
  • The financial barrier to entry is low, anyone can start investing, even with as little as $1. 
  • There are many opportunities to start your own crypto business and work for yourself. 

5 Benefits of Working for Yourself

  • You become the master of your own time. 
  • There’s nobody to boss you around or breathe over your shoulder.
  • You can work from home and while you’re travelling. 
  • There’s no limit to the amount of money you can make. 
  • You make a living by being creative. 

7 Steps to Making Money with Cryptocurrencies

  • Study as much as you can and never stop learning. This is a fast paced industry and you need to stay on top of all the latest tech and the markets. If you jump into this blind then you could lose money. There’s tons of free resources available online and you may also want to invest in a structured course in order to save time. 
  • Identify a need in the market. What products and services are people looking for in the crypto industry? Is there anything that can be done better than what’s currently being offered? If you structure your business around what people want, then you have a good chance of attracting many customers. 
  • Find experienced mentors. Anyone in the business world will tell you the importance of finding good mentors. Work with successful people and their habits will rub off on you. Mentors can coach you through problems and help you avoid making costly mistakes. 
  • Build your connections and network. Running a successful business is all about who you know. The crypto industry is full of new start ups, which makes it easy to network with entrepreneurs, developers, investors and traders. 
  • Create multiple streams of passive income. Anyone who makes lots of money will tell you that the key to their success is having multiple sources of income. The easiest way to build passive income in crypto is through affiliate marketing. You can also make good returns by trading and investing. 
  • Learn how to trade and invest properly. Trading is a skill that requires patience and discipline. Those who randomly buy and sell without having a disciplined strategy will lose money. If you know what you’re doing you can make really aggressive returns. There are no shortcuts so it’s important to develop an edge with the right training. 
  • Work hard. Entrepreneurs are the hardest working people in the world. To be successful you need to work at it all the time. The trade off is that you get to do what you love, so it doesn’t feel like “work”. You won’t have the same feeling of drudgery you get waking up and working to fulfill someone else’s dream.

Being your own boss and making money through creativity is a rewarding experience. If you’re dissatisfied in life then chances are it’s because you’re not fulfilling a sense of purpose.  


Personally, cryptocurrencies satisfy multiple interests for me. The technology is cutting edge and quickly evolving so I never get bored because I’m always learning new things. There are plenty of markets to trade in and I love developing new strategies for making money.

Unlike other industries, crypto is working towards decentralizing our world and giving individuals more freedom.  Crypto makes it possible to make money while working on the front line of a financial revolution. These opportunities probably happen once in a lifetime and for that I’m grateful to have found my niche. 

If you’re interested in learning more about crypto trading, investing and entrepreneurship then feel free to take our courses and join our community of professional traders. 

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Rocky is a cryptocurrency analyst, strategic consultant, educator, position trader and investor. He started his journey learning about Bitcoin in 2013, became obsessed with it and dropped everything to work full-time in the space since 2015.