Lunyr Project is Developing Rapidly

Lunyr, an Ethereum-based decentralized crowdsourced encyclopedia and world knowledge base has announced new updates for the platform. Since the Alpha release of Lunyr, the number of signups and content has increased significantly.

All tests for the advertising bidding have been a success. The focus now is to further testing on creating the interface for advertisers. Very shortly, users will be able to use their LUN on the platform and get incentivized for creating and reviewing content.

As stated in my last article, the Beta version should launch in the first quarter of 2018 and the API should be live in 2019. At the time of writing this article, beta testing is still ongoing.

Here are the development updates:


  • Advertising bidding tests successful

  • Bug fixes and futher testing

  • Rewards and LUN pool contract tests (in development)

  • Fixed issues with event logging

The decentralized “wiki” that Lunyr represents prevents any kind of censorship from authorities and at the same time, the information is peer reviewed before becoming public. This allows the users to find accurate and reliable information.

The most exciting aspect of the Lunyr platform will be the development of a knowledge based API that will allow the creation of the next generation applications for artificial intelligence, virtual reality, aumented reality and more.

Another great feature is that users will be able to provide near real time information on world events as well as translations in multiple languages.

If anyone is interested in joining and testing the private Alpha release, signup here. Invited testers will be notified by email.


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