Promether Brings Privacy to Humanity

In the information age, data is a valuable commodity but society has done little to protect it. The internet is one of the most powerful communications tools in history and has been integrated into our daily habits, yet most people lack the ability to secure their personal information. Rather than protect their citizens from data theft, governments work to weaken security to spy on us, which leaves everyone vulnerable to criminal elements.

Big Data sells our information so that corporations can influence our behaviour and in return we get nothing. Most alleged security solutions rely on trusting centralized third parties and are usually backdoored. Other privacy solutions like Tor give a false sense of security because alphabet agencies run many of the exit nodes. 

Failing to secure your information in the digital age is equivalent to removing the windows and doors off your house. Humanity needs a cheap and easy to use solution to secure all our online activity.

Privacy Solutions Made Simple

That solution will soon be here, the Promether Platform will bring privacy to humanity. Long time privacy advocate, hacker and founder of Demonsaw, Eric Anderson (Eijah) will be leading the charge in bringing us the next level of secure privacy technology.

Promether will be a new type of decentralized platform called an Adaptive Symbiotic Network. All data on the network will run through router nodes that can be configured through a multitude of different pathways. Data transmitted through the network will be agnostic, encrypted and traceless. The ultimate goal of this platform, is to allow the end user to run any application through it with complete 100% anonymity. This includes browsing, file sharing, email, messaging, VOIP and the ability to anonymously run blockchain nodes.

The Adaptive Symbiotic Networks will combine artificial intelligence with ubiquitous computing, so that the end user can customize it to their specific needs. The network will be open-source, with encrypted nodes running through routers that can be configured to any topology. 

A Way to Protect the Crypto Ecosystem

Promether will be a network that can benefit the entire crypto ecosystem. We don’t need yet another payment system or smart contract platform, what we need is a network that can deliver true privacy. Promether is not a blockchain, so rather than competing with other projects, it will be a network in which other blockchains can run nodes privately without leaking out personal data. 

Given the recent events with China cracking down on cryptocurrencies, the ecosystem needs a robust and highly adaptive solution to secure the location and data from node operators. 

To learn more about the Promether project, feel free to visit their website and subscribe to their newsletter. 


Rocky is a cryptocurrency analyst, strategic consultant, educator, position trader and investor. He started his journey learning about Bitcoin in 2013, became obsessed with it and dropped everything to work full-time in the space since 2015.