Spells of Genesis Review

Recently I decided to try out the blockchain collectable card game called Spells of Genesis. The game is developed by a Swiss company called EverdreamSoft, which also founded a card game called Moonga. 

Spells of Genesis is the first collectable card game stored on top of the Bitcoin blockchain through the Counterparty platform. This model gives all the benefit of playing a digital game, while at the same time being able to collect cards that are limited and unforgeable.

Cards can be traded on a decentralized exchange and price discovery is determined by the free market just like any cryptocurrency. If Spells of Genesis ever becomes really popular then it’s possible many of these collectors cards could appreciate in value. Magic the Gathering is an example of a strategy card game that provides collectors with profitable returns. 

BitCrystals (BCY)

Spells of Genesis has its own currency called BitCrystals (BCY). These tokens were initially sold to crowdfund development, with the core team keeping 30% of the supply to help pay for ongoing costs.

BCY can be used to purchase cards and can be traded on crypto exchanges like Poloniex. The supply of BCY is limited to 100M and has a deflationary economic model. At the end of every month the founders destroy half the BCY collected from card sales. This reduced supply increases scarcity and has the potential to boost the value of BCY for investors. 

Game Features

Spells of Genesis is in the final stages of beta testing so any achievements made in the game will eventually be reset. Testers may be rewarded with BCY once the game is fully launched. The game is free to play and users could potentially make money by collecting valuable cards and selling them. 

The game starts you off with a couple of cards and you can earn gold and crystals by defeating opponents in battle. Gold can be used to summon new cards and crystals are used to power up your creatures. You can build a deck and create a strategy based on the cards you receive. 


If you have multiple cards that are the same you can power them up to their max and fuse them into an even bigger creature. This can be done twice until your card is at the highest level and can be permanently stored and traded on the Bitcoin blockchain. Cards can be traded in for crystals to help power up other creatures. 

The game has a map and different areas to travel to, creatures to fight and missions to accomplish. You can fight creatures multiple times to collect gold and buy more cards to build your deck. The game limits the amount of times you can fight based on stamina and there’s a timer to replenish it. 


You can battle creatures by aiming a laser to hit them from multiple angles. Like a game of pool you can maximize your strikes and hit multiple creatures at the same time by bouncing the ball around. Like most fantasy card games, creatures have power and toughness. 


Your main game character can earn experience and be assigned missions to accomplish. User experience gets recorded on a stats board. Players can also team up and play together in guilds. 


Overall I find the game to be amusing and highly innovative. Allowing players to collect and potentially monetize cards on a decentralized blockchain is a brilliant idea that could revolutionize the gaming industry. 

Click here for a full list of rules. 


Rocky is a cryptocurrency analyst, strategic consultant, educator, position trader and investor. He started his journey learning about Bitcoin in 2013, became obsessed with it and dropped everything to work full-time in the space since 2015.