Stratis Brings Anonymous Transactions to the Blockchain

The Stratis Group announced earlier this month its Project Breeze—a project that aims to combine the concept behind TumbleBit with the Stratis Financial Privacy Protocol. The goal is to provide for the enormous demand for privacy on the blockchain. As it stands there are a limited number of candidates that provide a guarantee of privacy of transactions. The lack of privacy in financial transactions has been a hindrance in adopting blockchain technologies in the financial services industry; creating a graphical interface utilizing the TumbleBit protocol will propel the breeze wallet to the forefront of wallet privacy and challenge the market to evolve.

Often in crypto projects with high ambitions, there is a failure to reach their goals. To ensure this is not the case with Stratis and Project Breeze, the services of Adam Fiscor were recruited to become a Technical Advisor. Adam is known to have been one of the contributors to the TumbleBit research paper as well as the implementation of the TumbleBit NTumbleBit. His expertise shows the seriousness of the project and the speed at which the Stratis Group wishes to see it completed.

Choosing TumbleBit was made with careful consideration; TumbleBit provides decentralized, private, unlinkable transactions that remain theft-proof while also continuing to be compatible with the latest Bitcoin protocol. The introduction of a wallet that provides enhanced privacy in arena where it is not yet commonplace will fill the void of users demanding privacy while at the same time exposing more users to the Stratis Platform.

Fungibility is currently one of the main problems with bitcoin and services like Breeze wallet  can help solve this issue for users. The Stratis team has been very quick on development and deploying new features. 

Disclosure: Stratis has sponsored this site as a part of their service partner program.

Richard Schultz

Discovered Bitcoin in late 2013 and with it found a new passion in life. Completed a degree in economics at The College of New Jersey. My thesis was on Bitcoin. I'm also a part-time crypto trader.