Stratis Development is Ahead of Schedule

Stratis recently announced nStratis Development Framework (SDF) which allows blockchain development in C# and .NET. According to the original Stratis development roadmap, this milestone is at least a month or two ahead of schedule.

Stratis is making great progress in expanding their ecosystem and offering innovation in the FinTech space. The Strat token is one of the most profitable ICOs of 2016, with a peak hitting close to 10 times the original price. The project is still in the early stages of business and has growth potential once all its features are fully released. 

Blockchain Solutions for .NET and C#

The .Net framework was created by Microsoft so that developers can write software for Windows. This used to be proprietary software until Microsoft recently changed it to open-source under an MIT license. 

Microsoft also created C# for general purpose common language programming. It was a language designed to be simple, general purpose and object oriented. This language is commonly used for business applications targeting a Windows environment.

The nStratis development framework (SDF) will allow developers to program blockchain applications specifically for a Windows environment. Windows is the dominant operating system for business workstations and Stratis aims to bring customizable blockchains to the corporate sector. 

The Stratis project wants developers to have a flexible blockchain programming environment and will be able to offer consultations for enterprise solutions. 

Stratis Hackathon 

The Stratis project will be launching their first hackathon to attract more developers and boost innovation in the blockchain space. The exact details haven’t been announced but there will be more information in the upcoming weeks. 

The hackathon will lead into a full launch of the Stratis Development Academy, aimed to provide blockchain developers with educational resources and tools. Any developers interested in building blockchain applications in a WIndows environment are welcome to test SDF on the Stratis GitHub page. 

Disclosure: Stratis has sponsored this site as a part of their service partner program.  


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