Stratis Platform Added to Microsoft’s Azure BaaS Program

Stratis platform is the latest project to get added to Microsoft’s Azure “blockchain as a service” program. The recent integration will allow corporations to customize their blockchains using the Microsoft .Net framework. 

The Microsoft Azure integration will make Stratis more accessible to developers and businesses to test and deploy blockchain applications. Many turnkey solutions will be available to companies, which will increase the speed of deployment while reducing the overall costs.

The initial step involves providing a template to run a Stratis blockchain node available on Ubuntu. Developers will be able to build nodes through easy one-click access and experiment with a variety of options. 

Stratis CEO, Chris Trew states

We see this as first step towards a deeper integration and partnership with Microsoft in the BaaS arena. Being a company that specifically develops tools for the Microsoft ecosystem, it’s only natural that we integrate as tightly as possible with their platform offerings. This undoubtedly will provide greater visibility for our projects and serve to showcase the multiple functionalities that Stratis Platform can offer. “

Complete Enterprise Solution

The Stratis platform aims to provide a complete blockchain package for financial institutions to upgrade their current infrastructure. The project will offer private consultations and provide all the necessary tools to access their new technology. 

Stratis is being tailored specifically to provide flexible enterprise solutions and nodes coded in the C# language. Companies will be able to use the main Stratis network while being able to run their own private sidechains. 

Visit the GitHub page for more details on Stratis node templates on Microsoft’s Azure platform.


Disclosure: Stratis has sponsored this site as a part of their service partner program.  


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