Stratis Platform Builds A Bitcoin Node in C#

The Stratis platform recently released a Bitcoin node programmed in C# as their contribution to the ecosystem. The intent was to offer a version of Bitcoin that’s compatible with Microsoft’s .Net framework. This has the potential of attracting more Bitcoin developers who are familiar with working in a Microsoft environment.

Stratis is a new crypto startup intent on providing blockchain enterprise solutions. They offer consultations and customizable blockchains for companies looking to upgrade their existing infrastructure.

The Stratis platform was founded by Chris Trew, and successfully raised 915 BTC during their 2016 ICO. They recently hired Bitcoin developer Nicolas Dorier to program the node in C#. Nicolas is the developer for Nbitcoin and has contributed seven commits to Bitcoin core last summer. In a recent post he mentioned that Bitcoin was his primary passion and the Stratis team had goals that were compatible with this. The Stratis platform intends to create a symbiosis with Bitcoin. Stratis has its own blockchain and is forking the C# node for their nodes as well.

Other Developments

Stratis recently released their own version of an Electrum wallet, which will make it easier for users to store their STRAT tokens. Users won’t need to download the entire blockchain to use STRAT and these wallets are Hierarchical Deterministic, which means the private keys are generated from a 12 word seed.

STRAT users will soon be able to store their private keys on a ledger nano hardware wallet and access their coins by connecting it to the Electrum wallet. These changes will apply to ledger’s next firmware upgrade. Hardware wallets provide all the security of cold storage with the simplicity of using a web wallet. This is a step in the right direction for increasing user adoption for the project.

Disclosure: Stratis has sponsored this site as a part of their service partner program.  



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