Trading Ethereum and Making Over 300% Profit

  • This is a market update made to our private trading group
  • I was looking for early signs of a reversal to start re-accumulating
  • ETH market sentiment was very low at the time
  • I had multiple buys during the accumulation phase
  • I also sent out a trade alert and bought ETH on capitulation at $7 a coin for a 22% bounce play
  • I was very interested in ETH as a hedge for my bitcoin portfolio due to its liquidity
  • Unlike buy and hold investors, we weren’t caught holding the bag during the Ethereum bear trend
  • This one ETH trade was able to offset any dollar value loss made to my bitcoin holdings during the recent bear trend
  • The past couple of weeks have been the best trading conditions I’ve ever seen. We’ve hit multiple big grand slam trades recently including ETC, STRAT, ZEC, GNT, ICN, XMR, DOGE and UBQ

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